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Minnesota Built Campfire Pits-Rings
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 The Ultimate Above Ground Fire Pit-Campfire Ring   Higley Metals

Higley Metals builds a portable campfire pit from thick aprrox 3/16" hot rolled steel. Removable legs for easy transportation. 30" wide and 8" deep.We will also build you a custom 36" deep portable fire ring.
This firepit has a optional cooking grill that is adjustable both up and down and sided to side.Measures 18" x 18".

                                             HIGLEY  METALS  MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA  763-438-0356 
              We build round-hexagon-square-portable fire pits,firepit liner,campfire rings.                                    
                                                 *  PORTABLE 30" FIRE RING - 30" DEPTH - 3/16" THICK 
                                                 *  8" DEPTH - REMOVABLE LEGS - OPTIONAL ADJUSTABLE GRILLING STAND
                                                 *OPTIONAL TOP COVER


                                                  Higley Metals offers a complete selection of campfire rings for home and commercial use. Free standing and fire pit liners.
If you would like to see our complete line of fire rings and fire pit click on this link
                                      CALL HIGLEY METALS 763-438-0356

            Higley Metals builds  campfire rings, fire rings, metal fire rings and campground fire rings.
We ship to the below states.
Buy Fire Rings & Fire Pits  Alabama Florida Illnois Kentucky Massachusetts Missouri New Hampshire North Carolina Oregon South Dakota Vermont WisconsinAlaska Colorado Georgia Indiana Louisiana Michigan New Jersey North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia Wyoming Arizona Conneecticut Hawaii Iowa Main Minnesota Nebraska New Mexico Ohio Rhode Island Texas Washington Arkansas Delaware Idaho Kansas Maryland Mississippi Navada New York
Oklahoma South Carolina Utah West Virgina

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